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I am CROSSDRESSER male married with beautiful lady. i have told about my Crossdressing habits to her and she is supportive with me to do the things.
I have got my nose and ear pierced a long ago.
she has given me all ladies dress including bra,blouse, saree and nose ring and payal , bindi lipstick bichhwa and earrings and ladies wig to wear and we both go for outing almost daily at evening , my wife sometimes wears jeans and T-shirt. And some times in ladies dress.
When she also wear  ladies dress and both of us are looking very nice in sarees. and we enjoy full evening in the ladies attire.  
and no body knows that I am  the man wearing saree,
One day when i went with her attending ladies functions at her friends house. my wife was introduced me as her friend.
I always remain in saree after coming from office and I happily wear the saree, bra, blouse and other ladies wear and till next day morning.
After coming back from my office and on holidays ,saturday and sunday I remain full day in saree.
every day in the night me and my wife wear same type of ladies gown. She always brought two pairs of ladies gown when ever she purchased. Luckily the body size of me and my wife is almost similar and she need not to take me at the ladies dress shop to get my blouse stiched. Now she is planning to let me join at dance classes also.
. Let me wait and see when my dream will come true  

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Posted on 09:44AM on Dec 28th, 2012
You are lucky to have such a supportive wife. What about your kids?
Posted on 09:52AM on Dec 28th, 2012
my kids are studying at another city. they also know about my crossdressing as lady. even my neighbours know the facts. Many time they request us to join their functions as lady.
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